Illuminating the darkest season in Finland

From October 27th 2017 until March 11th 2018, the streets of central Tampere are illuminated with hundreds of light fixtures, ranging from traditional light figures to urban art projected onto empty walls.

The lights are lit as the sun starts to set in the afternoon and they are switched off every weekday at 11.00 p.m. From Friday to Sunday, the lights will stay on until five in the morning.

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days of light

All light fixtures on map

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The Gallery of Light

The Gallery of Light is a wintry outdoor art exhibition. Artwork commissioned from renowned artists is projected onto empty wall surfaces in the city center to create illuminated urban architecture.

The Gallery of Light is a co-production of Tampere Art Museum and Visit Tampere. This year the theme of The Gallery of Light is ”Blue and white” in honour of Finland’s centenary.


Tampere Festival of Light was launched in 1966 when the then-mayor Erkki Lindfors had acquainted himself with the corresponding event in Essen, a twin town of Tampere. The Festival of Light aims to bring joy and warmth to the cityscape and to invite residents to spend more time in the city center during winter.

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Over 50 years of Tampere Festival of Light

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Improved energy-efficiency

The transition from conventional light bulbs to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights took place in 2012.

Bigger and better festival

In 2015, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the event, the Festival of Light went through a major overhaul. Most of the old light fixtures were replaced with more modern designs and several new locations around the city center were illuminated.